Brooke Astor’s Estate – the criminal trial continues, seemingly FOREVER….


The trial of Anthony (“Tony”) Marshall, son of the philanthropist Brooke Astor, drags on.  Jury selection began at the end of March  but when I popped by the courthouse yesterday, the state was still proceeding with its case!  Tony (who is 85 and fell down and bonked his head in the men’s room causing a day’s respite from the trial in July), is charged with defrauding his mother out of millions.

I feel sorry for the jurors, who have sat in the sub-zero courtroom for all these weeks.  Although there were some celebrity witnesses (including Barbara Walters and Henry Kissinger), there were weeks of rather dry testimony from attorneys, medical professionals and employees of Mrs. Astor.  Imagine the cost of this trial! Does it make sense to spend  such a disproportionate percentage of our tax revenue on this case?

It has gotten to the boring point that the New York Times (perhaps feeling the dearth of newsworthy new testimony) ran an article about two devoted “court-watchers” who have attended the trial daily

One of the court- watchers claimed she would be done with the Marshall trial as soon as the Gotti trial begins.

If you want to learn more about the issues in the trial, the Vanity Fair article  about Brooke and her estate is fantastic reading!


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