Astor Update


The prosecution finally seems to be winding down its case in the Anthony Marshall trial. We visited the trial yesterday with our two favorite people in the world (the nephews now know more about Brooke Astor than most teenagers in the universe). The witness on the stand was a forensic accountant, who was reviewing Brooke’s financial records – not the most scintillating testimony. We did enjoy watching the jurors, wrapped in winter clothing, as they exited the courtroom.
Whilst there, we chatted with Ms. Judy Natkins, whose story was profiled in The New York Times” a few weeks ago. Ms. Natkins has been attending the trial for 16 weeks now! Ms. Natkins told us about other trials she had attended, including Martha Stewart’s and the parents of Nixmary Brown. Interestingly, Ms. Natkin’s cousin is Herbert E. Nass, a noted estates attorney!
Apparently the prosecution intends to rest its case this week. We are getting excited at the prospect of watching the defense case. Fingers crossed, the trial may last long enough to take fall semester classes on a field trip!


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