Student Work – Steve McNair and Nancy Talbot

Our first assignment in LAW 2301 was to prepare a memo on a recently departed person who was famous/infamous/influential or interesting. Here are some of the great papers I received:


Steve McNair

Steve McNair

Steve McNair was an ex NFL football player for the Nashville Tennessee Titans who was murdered on July 4, 2009. He was murdered by his mistress Sahel Kazemi who he had been having an affair with for several months. He had just recently retired from playing football in 2008 and was planning on focusing more on his responsibilities as a father and raising his children. This was all very short-lived after it was revealed that his girlfriend Kazemi was very stressed about her financial problems and she also suspected McNair of seeing another woman. She told her friends that she was going to end it all and so she went to McNair’s condo in Nashville and shot him twice in the chest and twice in the head. She also then shot and killed herself. The bodies were found by a friend of McNair who co-rents the apartment.
Steve McNair did not prepare a will before he died so the judge made his wife Mechelle McNair the administrator of his estate. He had two sons with his wife but he also had two other sons from a previous relationship and Mrs. McNair claims that those children are not his and therefore may not get anything from McNair’s estate. He has also left behind his mother and 4 brothers whom are left out without any claim to his estate. It is unsure of how much his estate is worth but with the last contract that he signed, it should be worth a minimum of $32 Million. He does, however, owe a lot of taxes to the government because he did not set up a proper will, his estate shall be heavily divided between the IRS and his wife and children.

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Nancy Talbot

Nancy Talbot

Nancy Talbot died on Sunday, August 30, 2009, at the age of 89 from complications of Alzheimer’s disease in her house in Boulder, Colorado. Nancy Talbot was famous for her line of women’s clothing stores called Talbots.
Mrs. Talbot leaves behind 2 daughters Polly Talbot Donald, Jane A. Winter, 6 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.
She was born Nancy Orr in 1920 in Charlevoix, Michigan and grew up in Chicago. After a year in Radcliff College she went to work for the American Red Cross during WWII. She met Rudolf Talbot an intelligence officer while working at the Red Cross and they got married in 1945. Later that year Rudolf and Nancy inherited a large clothing store from Rudolf’s father, which was located in Hingham, Massachusetts. In 1947 they opened their first clothing store together, which they named Talbots as a result of Rudolf’s father’s death. By 1950, their business had grown more than they expected and they moved to next door to an old, white clapboard house where they painted the front doors custom bright red color, which became signature of the Talbots stores. Today Talbot’s store has a chain of nearly 586 stores in United States and Canada.

Grimes, William: “Nancy Talbot, Who Helped Build a Retail Empire, Dies at 89”. The New York Times, September 3, 2009.

Marquard, Bryan: “Nancy Talbot, Colorful Retail Icon Dies at 89”. The Boston Globe, September 3, 2009.


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