Student Work – Thomas White, Jr.

Thomas White, Jr., by Patricia Potter

Thomas White Jr.  was born August 21, 1939 and died August 27, 2010 at the age of 71   after a long battle by with  way of cancer.  He was survived by his mother, Marie White, a son, Bryan, and a daughter, Lucille Precious, and two grandchildren.  City Councilman Thomas White Jr. spent 15 years in office serving under Mayor Dinkins administration and later served on the Council under Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg.  Thomas White Jr. was an influential person in my community; He was the founder of J-Cap a program he named after his mother and father, which became one of the largest drug and alcohol treatment programs in the state.  This program branched out throughout our community reaching many of the lost due to their addictions. He also was responsible for the HIV/Aids medical treatment program which offers medical services to our community as well as many other communities suffering since this epidemic. He was a voice in the community that stood behind women and pushing for services to better their lives.  I do not know the value of his estate, but I am sure he has a large amount of working money that is still in operation even in his departing of his journey.  When one man can come along and take a stand to make a community a better place to live and a place that one can be proud of he has my vote as being an influential person and that is who he was to me.



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