Our Optional Extra Credit Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I tried to post this photo in our Blackboard class, but it didn’t format nicely, so I’m posting here in the blog instead.  I am so proud of all the students who joined me at the museum for my semi-annual tour “Honoring the Dead in Art Across Time and Cultures”.  We started in stone-age Greece, and then visited the Romans, the Fang people of Gabon and the Kings of Benin in Africa,  the Asmats of Papua New Guinea, pre-Columbian South America (gold!!!), Europe in the Middle Ages and ancient Egypt. After losing half the class in the pyramids, we caught up with each other upstairs where we visited India and China as well.  As an extra bonus, we stopped off at the special exhibit of Romare Bearden’s collaged work. The museum is honoring the 100th anniversary of Bearden’s birth by displaying his entire “The Block”series.  Here is my favorite:

I have really wonderful students.  It is sweet that they are highly motivated by “extra credit” because it gives me a chance to show them cool stuff in one of the greatest museums in the world.


1 Response to “Our Optional Extra Credit Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art”

  1. 1 missclairyouthfullywise December 9, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    I love it. it was a great experience.

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