Elvis’ Teeth Are Leaving The Building

A Model of Elvis Presley's Teeth and a Crown. Click for Source

Last semester I wrote about John Lennon’s tooth and other relics and reliquaries.  For thousands of years, humans have venerated the physical remains and belongings of beloved decedents and now, we have another wonderful example.

On February 25, 2012, a model of Elvis Presley’s teeth as well as a crown made for him are going to be auctioned off  by  the  British auction house, Omega Auctions.  Here is how Omega describes the wares:

a model of Elvis Presley’s teeth together with a crown made for the star made by former Memphis dentist Henry J Weiss. Weiss, who was Presley’s dentist until 1971, affectionately called the crown the “King’s Crown”. (Courtesy Omega Auctions)

According to NME magazine, the model may have been made when Elvis cracked his tooth on a microphone during a concert in Las Vegas in 1971.

Elvis in 1971. Click for Source

Omega estimates the value of the relics at £6,000 – £10,000  ($9,500 – $16,000). Since John Lennon’s rotten tooth sold for $30,000, it will be very interesting to see the results of this sale.  Will the relics go to another dentist or a lay Elvis fan?  In what type of reliquary will they display the relics?  Oh, I cannot wait to see!


Last night The Dearly Departed received this wonderful link from The Tooth Collector!!!  It notes that Dr. Michael Zuk has placed the winning bid for Elvis’ tooth.  It also says that the tooth is encased in a “custom glass display case”.  You will recall that Dr. Zuk was also the purchaser of John Lennon’s tooth!


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  1. 1 michael zuk dds February 29, 2012 at 1:39 am

    Visit http://www.ElvisTooth.com for the latest on the King’s crown!

  1. 1 Mary Magdalene’s Tooth | The Dearly Departed Trackback on June 14, 2014 at 3:20 pm

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