Dinosaurs, Bugs and Ungodly Emanations

This week I was invited to the new Field Station Dinosaurs in Secaucus, New Jersey.  It’s a cool concept – 31  animatronic dinosaurs are set out in a huge “park”.  Visitors ($25 adults/$20 kids) are supposed to pretend they are scientists as they wander through the park to learn about all the different types of dinosaurs  which are artfully arranged in naturalistic settings.

The dinosaurs move around a bit and make noises.

I wish I could say I enjoyed the experience, but I hated it.

The first thing you notice as you approach the Field Station is the STENCH.  What is that vile odor?  One of my friends insists it was the “Secaucus Smell” – she claims it always smells nasty in Secaucus on account of all the industrial pollutants wafting about.  It didn’t really smell industrial to me though.  It smelled more like tons of fermenting zoo animal poo mixed with rotting garbage and decomposing roadkill.  I heard several people say it smelled like dinosaurs, but that is malicious conjecture. I doubt that any living beings could reek like that.

Even worse than the pong were the biting insects.  Before I even got through the gate, I’d been bitten on the back of my neck by a bug, a mosquito, I think.  And then the attack began in earnest.  There were big, aggressive biting flies in addition to the mosquitos and there were lots of them. Their bites really hurt.  I must have been bitten at least 20 times as I ran through the park as fast I could whilst batting the biters off of me.  It was hellish.  I better not get West Nile.

Anyway, kids who love dinosaurs will get a huge kick out of the Field Station.  Just be sure to slather them in Deet before you go, and make sure to breath through your mouth.


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