Time is Fleeting – Go see The Clock!

The amazing 24 hour film, The Clock, is now playing for free at a Lincoln Center theater and you should try to go before it closes on August 5.

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The creator of The Clock, artist Christian  Marclay, has pieced together thousands of film clips from the past 70 years that refer to every minute of the day.  His film runs in real time, so that when I arrived at 6:37 AM yesterday, most of the clips had to do with people waking up, taking showers, and making/drinking coffee.  There was a wonderful sequence of men shaving that took several minutes as well.  Each film clip either shows a clock or contains dialogue that mentions the time.  For a sense of the experience, check out this segment of The Clock on Youtube.

I went early because there has been a perpetual line in front of the David Rubenstein Atrium.  The theater is rather small and the line-up procedures are not for the faint–hearted.  When it’s busy, there is a queue outside on Broadway.  Once someone leaves (and people stay for various periods – some people have actually watched all 24 hours, but most watch for much shorter periods), there is standing room in the theater.  Standers graduate to benches and then to comfy sofas.

For more information, check out the Lincoln Center website.

Go, seriously, it is so cool!


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