A Cool Coffin from Ghana

Yesterday I was overjoyed to spend most of the day at the Brooklyn Museum with other City Tech professors who are involved in the college’s “Living Laboratory” initiative.  We are investigating ways to improve General Education at the college by incorporating “high impact” practices like “place-based research” and “collaborative learning” in our classes.  Our students will get more meaningful field trips and better group work experiences out of all this teacher time, effort and expense, we hope.

We were treated to a fabulous tour of some of the museum that included the absolutely stunning coffin from Ghana pictured above.  Our excellent guide explained that personalized coffins are a tradition in certain parts of Ghana.  People save their money for years to afford fancy coffins – the Nike coffin above cost $600 –  a lot of money (half a year’s income) for most people in Ghana.

Our guide showed us this video from Youtube about a Ghanian coffin-maker.  Cool, huh?


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