Cloud City – Go Now Before it Closes!

Cloud City
Image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Cloud City is a magical sculpture on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  You might enjoy a visit to the museum for the chance to climb around in Tomas Saraceno’s  amazing construction of “interconnected modules” before the piece closes on November 4.

You need to stop at a desk on the 4th floor of the museum to get a ticket for the timed entry to the sculpture.  You must lock up all of  your belongings in a free locker (no cameras permitted) and you must wear rubber soles.

Image from Glenwood
.Click for source

Once you climb into the Cloud City (which extends to 20 feet above the roof) things get weird.  There are all of these pod/rooms made of clear and/or reflective materials.  As you move between the areas you experience views of the city in beautiful new ways.  It can be a tad disorienting in parts because sometimes it feels as if you might be stepping out into the air instead of onto a floor. Sometimes it is difficult to tell walls from non-walls. Sometimes the floors move slightly.  It’s a mini-adventure on the Upper East Side!

Very fun. Seriously. Go!


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