Student Dreams/Teacher Dreams – It’s Midterms Week!

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Have you ever had the “examination dream”?

Virtually every college student has had some variant of the same exam dream:

– You are late for a final exam and/or

– You registered for the class but haven’t attended  all semester and/or

–  You haven’t studied at all – you don’t even know what the class was about and/or

–  You can’t find the room where the exam is being conducted and/or

–  When you finally get to the exam, it’s over.

Who knows what these dreams mean?  There are many explanations.

Fortunately I haven’t had those student dreams in ages, but, I do have teacher dreams.  I am not sure whether most professors teach in their dreams, but I sure do.

Once in a while I conduct entire Estates, Trusts and Wills classes in my dreams.  I cover the the  same material in the dreams as I do in waking class.  Some nights it seems as if the dreams last hours, and I wake up tired, but weirdly happy that my brain is working on my class even when I sleep.


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Last summer though, I had a teacher dream that reminded me of the dreaded student exam dream:

I had a visitor to my class –  Morgan Freeman looking very handsome and distinguished.   I was psyched to teach a great class for such an esteemed guest.

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I began lecturing and although I rarely use notes in class any more, in the dream, I really needed my notes and they were all blank.

I started to panic – I couldn’t find the pages in the notes that related to the lecture topic.  I was frantically flipping the pages in vain, searching for what I wanted to talk about, but I couldn’t even remember the topic. 

It was a relief to wake up and remember that it was  summer break, but guess what?

I ended up re-writing my class notes for Estates, Trusts and Wills!   Now,they are up to date and linked to a trove of great sites and much better.

Thank you dream Morgan Freeman – message received!

Now, if only every student would study the notes……that would be a waking dream come true.


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