Making Music on the Longest and Shortest Days of the Year

For the past seven years, Make Music New York has been organizing remarkable days full of free music in public places on the summer solstice. The Make Music days have become one of my favorite events of the year because the concerts are so unusual and fun to attend. For example, three summers ago, there was a fantastic concert of music by a Greek composer, Iannis Xenakis, at the lake in Central Park where the musicians (all kinds of drummers) ringed the lake and the audience listened from rowboats.  You can see my crappy video of the event on Youtube.

Conversely, last summer the West Point band played from row boats while the audience listened from the shore.


After the West Point band, we went to hear a Mandolin Orchestra who were playing on benches near the planetarium.


I’ve written about the amazing Yoko Ono piece we joined during the Make Music Day two years ago when we ventured out into Central Park at 5 AM and now Yoko is at it again!  Tomorrow, on the winter solstice, Make Music New York will be presenting a series of really cool parades and another Yoko piece!  Yoko sure chooses weird times for her pieces (tomorrow’s is at 11:57 PM in Times Square).

I hope you will check out Make Music and find something you would enjoy tomorrow and don’t forget to check them out next June as well!



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