21st Precinct Art Exhibit – Art Overtakes a Police Station

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This weekend we had fun visiting the absolutely gorgeous graffiti and other art that is temporarily displayed in an old police station at 327 East 22nd Street in Manhattan “The 21st Precinct Art Exhibit”.  The building is slated for demolition to make way for more rich people housing, but before it goes, the owners permitted 50 artists to decorate every space in the four story edifice.  And Wow. It was wonderful! Check out this guy:


I particularly liked the works that referenced the building’s use by the police, like the paintings of Miranda Warnings:

pc4But there are so many excellent pieces, seriously, try to go next next Saturday or Sunday (August 23/24) after which it closes.

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mr t

You can read more about the exhibit and see far better photos than mine at Gothamist.



1 Response to “21st Precinct Art Exhibit – Art Overtakes a Police Station”

  1. 1 nick smith August 19, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    Hi Prof. Donsky,

          Nick Smith here, one of your former students.  I am writing from Montevideo, Uruguay where Julia and I have been vacationing and checking out the local tango dance scene.  It is a bit of synchronicity that you would be writing about graffitti because this city is filled with it, some of which is not so pretty.  The style of the scrawling is similar to the stuff that I used to see around New York in the 1980s.  What a charming place this is!  No wonder the Argentinians like to come here to have a good time.  Most likely I will see you in the halls of City Tech in September where I will still be working in the Learning Center.  Hope that all is going well.  As I told you back in April, I have finished writing my novel and my literary consultant has given it a rave review.  This coming year I will be trying to find an agent or a publisher.  However, the more I think about it the more I might just publish it myself.   I will let you know.  Bye for now.

    All the best,

    Nick Smith           

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